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  • Luke Clough

Can we choose what we believe in?

Beliefs can be such funny things we we hear them. Ours, that is. When we’re working with our clients we elicit or uncover the things that we live by at an unconscious level, the beliefs and values at our core. The things we live our life by and don’t even know it until we have an issue or when things just don’t seem to feel right, you know, on the inside. Yet, if we were to have the belief that we can choose any belief, imagine what changes we can make and the wonderful things we could do and enjoy. And I believe we all can and that’s a great belief to believe and so much better than those like “I’m not worth it” or “I don’t deserve to have what I want” etc. etc.

See, we take on most of our core beliefs and values from sometime before the age of 5, the imprint period, and whose beliefs are they? Our parents, Grandparents and anybody else who’s around and where did they get them from and when and how relevant are they to your life today? Can we change our core beliefs? You bet and if they don’t inspire us or support us then we should. Time Line Therapy is a wonderfully gentle way of changing our beliefs,our negative emotions (without regression) and when used in conjuction with NLP and Hypnosis anything is possible (Oops! there’s another belief of ours) Thinking that “I’m stupid and won’t achieve” or something like that to me is something that’s just not right as we have infinite potential to do anything ~ yes ANYTHING! we are the creators of our reality so lets create something more than we could ever dream of for ourselves and others. So………….. If you don’t believe any of this or feel at this moment you can’t change or see another way Imagine…………. What would it be like if you could? if you did? what would you see? what would you hear? what would you feel? you don’t have do anything other than IMAGINE IT, PRETEND AND what would that mean to you if you could have it that way? and what would that mean to you? Go on…………play~it’s free and so are those wonderful beliefs You might even want to find out how to let go of all that other stuff such as anxiety, low self esteem and have what you want and feel different now.

How much pleasure could you stand


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