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Hypnotherapy for fears & phobias

*Please note: Some clients' results may vary

Enjoy freedom from your phobia and fear.


You want to be totally fearless? Not a good idea!

Fear is one of nature’s gifts. It triggers a rush of adrenalin to fuel the automatic fight-or-flight response when we’re threatened. Without it, our instinct for self-preservation would be seriously compromised.


But when fear gets out of hand – when the reaction is misplaced or unnecessarily intense – then it becomes a problem. And that’s where hypnosis can help.

Inappropriate fears and phobias interfere with our lives. They may not be logical – they may not make sense even to you – but no amount of logic can change the fact that to you, they are as real as death and taxes. They destroy your sense of wellbeing, undermine your confidence and self-esteem and stop you doing things that to others are perfectly normal.

As hypnotherapists, we believe our unconscious minds only act in what they see as our best interests, to keep us safe. But sometimes they react inappropriately to specific objects or situations. They may be working with false or out-of-date information, or simply resisting the unknown, but in most cases, the cause is irrelevant.


Using our skills and your desire to change, we work directly with your unconscious mind to find new and comfortable ways to react to these situations and free you from the crippling limitations your fears and phobias impose.



When it comes to letting go of phobias, hypnosis is widely acknowledged as one of the best methods to achieve optimum results in the shortest possible time. Here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy, we have successfully helped our clients to let go of a wide range of fears and phobias, including:

  • Fear of flying

  • Fear of spiders

  • Fear of snakes

  • Fear of public speaking

  • Fear of water/swimming

  • Fear of heights

  • Fear of driving

  • Fear of vomiting/being sick

  • Fear of escalators

  • Fear of needles/injections

So now is the time to control your fears and rid your life of their limitations. It’s simple, it’s quick, and it’s completely non-threatening!

Why not arrange a complimentary 20 minute consultation to have all your questions answered in person, and make sure you’re comfortable with us, and with hypnosis.

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