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Drug addictions – physical or psychological?

When Steve (name changed for confidentiality reasons) decided to deal with his drug addiction, he made probably the best decision of his life. He was recommended to myself here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy by one of my previous clients, a heavy drinker who had successfully regained control over his alcohol consumption using Hypnotherapy. However, even though he knew it was the right thing to do for himself, he was aware as how much of a struggle it would be, how the HARD work started now, and that it would most likely be an unpleasant process. So taking this into account, you can imagine how it took him by surprise when during our initial consultation I broke all of his beliefs down, told him it would be easy to do, and that there be no hard work at all.

During our first session, using lots of NLP we started to reprogram how his mind perceived heroin, changing what it meant to him so that whenever he saw it or it was mentioned, his reaction would be completely different. Together we started to realign his unconscious mind, getting it to understand that all those positive intentions such as protection, and escapism, could never be achieved, and that it was actually doing the opposite, hurting him and ruining his relationships with his girlfriend and his own family.

At the start of the second session, Steve reported amazing changes. He had only thought about heroin once that he could remember, and when he did he had this huge urge and determination to NOT take it just flood his mind and body. He did however feel guilty about all the hurt he’d put his loved ones through, so it was time for some TimeLine Therapy to let go of this emotion. We also went into lots of future building in a state of hypnosis, where he could allow his unconscious mind to go ahead and find all the beliefs, resources and behaviours that he needed to make sure his future was exactly how he wanted it to be.

When it came to the third session, Steve contacted me a few days prior and informed me that he would not be attending and I’ll be honest, I was quite confused. What could have happened that would make him not want to continue? Well it was quite simple really. The day after his second session he woke up, and it was as if something had switched inside him. He just KNEW 100% that he would never take heroin again, and no matter what ever happened to him in the future, he had realised his potential. He had accepted responsibility for everything that he had done and will continue to do, therefore if he was responsible for his behaviours, he could just say no!

So there you have it, if you use the full potential of your mind I believe you can achieve anything that you aspire to achieve, you are your own limit!

Is there anything in your life that you want to achieve but just can’t find a way to approach it? Cambridge Hypnotherapy can help you too.

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