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  • Luke Clough

Chasing Shadows and healing them.

I’ve been reading an interesting book about dealing with Shadows ~ those within us.

It has an interesting take on using the energies of these internal shadows, when they reveal themselves to us, to produce something positive. Put the energy into things we enjoy and especially those of a creative nature. I know this has worked tremendously well for the writer of this book.

Sometimes these negative feelings can be so overwhelming and when coupled with a negative belief can be dis-empowering leading to anxiety at best and depression .

Whilst I love the authors way of using this energy I also think that with a little skill (things we have developed here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy can get this part (that particular shadow) of our unconscious mind to work with us and use its energy at an unconscious level to produce fantastic results for us.

In this way we can never be overwhelmed by the negative feelings. It’s really a matter of understanding every behaviour has a positive intention and when that part (shadow) realises what it is doing is totally in conflict with its intention it has to let go of the negativity and commit to the better, congruous way.

I think when we do this at a deep unconscious level, through hypnosis incorporating NLP when we resolve one issue we notice other areas of our life changing positively too. It always amazes me how far the ripples of change spread even to the extent of positively affecting other people in our lives.

And ………………

when we begin to radiate positive thoughts and behaviours we tend to attract more of that to us.

So really when you think about it when we become aware of these ‘shadows’, these feelings we should begin to celebrate because it means we are going to grow, become more aligned all it takes is just a little work with our unconscious mind ~ and that’s what we do here.

 Enjoy and if this has connected with you email us here


for those interested, the book I mention is called Hunting the Shadow by Geoff Thompson

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