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Stopping smoking with Cambridge Hypnotherapy over Christmas ~ you decide

Wow! what a difficult question: Do I stop smoking before Christmas or stop smoking after Christmas? Do I use Hypnotherapy to stop smoking or do it by myself?

It’s difficult to advise the best time to stop smoking other than when you, yes YOU, decide to.

But the question this time of year is….

Do I stop before Christmas or after???????

And that’s where it helps to come along to an initial consultation and ask those important questions and more importantly get the answers that you need.

You see it all depends on what smoking does for you. If it relieves stress and if Christmas time is likely to be stressful then we may suggest smoke through the whole of Christmas but and it’s a big BUT make a decision before Christmas to stop. Not only make that decision but make a date and a time i.e. Book a stop smoking session! That means you’re telling yourself that you will definitely stop and at the right time. In that way you are telling your unconscious mind that you appreciate what it is doing for you and that you will both find a better way but until then it’s okay..

This talk of appreciating what your unconscious mind is doing for you may seem a little strange to comprehend and it’s fully explained at our complementary consultation and it’s the basis of how we really help you stop in one session.

We’ll also give you something to help you think really differently along with our ‘What will it mean’ hypnosis CD that will get your mind to think differently too.

So if you are a little indecisive of what to do and when to do it the very best thing you can do is contact us by:


calling us on 01223 720 120

and we can advise you so you can make the best decision for you

we’ll even send you a link to around 30 minutes of relaxing hypnosis by us whatever you choose to do.

So invest in yourself and spend 20 minutes of your time (yes that’s all it costs) and book up an initial consultation.

You may find a whole lot more too.

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