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Personal development weekend ~ 8 great speakers brought together

Joseph is bringing something special to Cambridge

Empowerment Live

If you could create the perfect weekend wouldn’t you fill it with fun, laughter, good food, inspired discussion and genuine positive people?

Then sit back, relax and let us bring Empowerment Live to you!

This is more than just a conference, this – is how weekends should be…

At Empowerment Live:

You will get to listen to all the speakers, seminars and workshops of your chosen weekend Speakers have over 1½hrs of secret sharing and uplifting motivational time each, just for you! We have worked hard to present you with all aspects of personal development, scientific, spiritual, emotional and physical – including nutrition for the mind!

Your ticket, for this unmissable weekend is only £130!! –  But to kick things of its only £85 until 17th December!

And…!  On top of all that Every Delegate will also receive:

Numerous Free Gifts, Comprehensive information packs, Refreshments at break out times, Lunches* and even inspiring laid back musicians to entertain you during lunch breaks! Empowerment Live 2 Day Conference

Location and Date:

Cambridge : Jan 22nd 23rd 2011   Click here ->  Tickets now selling!

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