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  • Luke Clough

"Exciting News: Hypgro Release Date Unveiled!"

I'm so excited to release this..... Hypgro is nearly ready to launch now and will go live on....

2nd April 2024!!!!!!!

So What is Hypgro and why is it so amazing?

Hypgro is my 'Hypnotherapy For Personal Growth Online Programme' and something that I've thought about designing and releasing over the years as I know it will benefit so many people. At Cambridge Hypnotherapy we get a lot of potential clients making contact and enquiring about sessions but due to geographical reasons are just simply unable to attend sessions. That it is why I have always wanted an online programme so that anyone can benefit and change their lives no matter where they are in the world. Hypgro solves all of these problems. It will allow anyone to work in the comfort of their own home with the added bonus of having me on hand as their therapist. In only 8 weeks they will go from having no idea of what to focus on, to having a clear path, creating new behaviours and living a new life!!!

So what will it include? Good question. Some of the modules within the programme will include the following:


  • Setting specific goals

  • Creating a winning mindset and foundational habits

  • Instantly changing your emotional state

  • Creating new habits

  • Letting go of irrational emotions

........ and many many more


How do you know if it's right for you?

The simple answer is jump on a call with me. We can go over a few things and establish if you're a good fit for it, and if it's a good fit for you. That is the most important thing as I refuse to allow anyone to waste their time and money on something that is not going get them their results. Can it help everyone....? 1000% YES, without any doubt everyone has the potential to work their way through Hypgro and come out the other side a completely different person.

If that sounds interesting to you, drop me a message and I'll arrange a call :)

Until then, take care and be happy.


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