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Coming Soon!!!!

Hypgro is coming soon

It’s time to reveal some more info as my new venture is coming soon......

Over 12 months of planning and preparation has gone into making this become a reality, and I'm so excited!! If I'd had known what I know now all those years ago none of the things below would have been a problem!

  •  Zero direction when it came to where I wanted my life to go

  •  Lack of consistency with exercise

  •  Feeling like I needed alcohol to enjoy myself

  •  Physically unhealthy through wrong food choices

  •  Lacking the confidence to be myself

I needed a simple plan to follow and a systematic approach to making the changes that were required. I needed the confidence to put my tools to good use and create my own life on my terms.

There wasn’t no such plan….. So I created THE plan!!!

Monday 25th March at 1.00pm I’ll be revealing exactly what I’ve been working on for the last 12 months & if you’ve been following me I want you to be the first to receive it!

Email with the subject header of "Launch" and I'll send you the info over :)

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