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  • Luke Clough

Why is Hypnotherapy better than counselling for most issues?

We often get asked how does Hypnotherapy compare to Counselling, and why would one be better than the other. To a degree, comparing hypnotherapy to counselling is like comparing apples to oranges; they serve different purposes and can be effective in different ways depending on the individual's needs and preferences. Here are some reasons why someone might find hypnotherapy more beneficial than counselling:

  1. Accessing the subconscious: Hypnotherapy aims to access the subconscious mind to address deep-seated issues or patterns that may not be readily accessible through conscious thought alone. This can be particularly helpful for individuals struggling with habits, phobias, or trauma that they may not fully understand or be able to articulate consciously.

  2. Rapid change: Some people find that hypnotherapy can produce relatively rapid results compared to traditional counselling, especially for issues like smoking cessation, weight loss, or overcoming specific fears.Why spend 20 sessions talking about problems when you could be free from them in only 2-3?

  3. Focus on solutions: Hypnotherapy often focuses on finding solutions rather than dwelling on problems. By accessing the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy can help individuals visualize and internalize positive outcomes, reinforcing desired behaviors and beliefs.

  4. Emotional detachment: In a hypnotic state, individuals may experience a sense of detachment from their emotions or memories, which can provide relief from distressing thoughts or feelings. Counselling involves lots of talking about traumatic times which can bring back all the unwanted emotions.

  5. Physical symptoms: Hypnotherapy has been used to address certain physical symptoms or conditions, such as chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, ME, irritable bowel syndrome etc etc, where there is believed to be a significant psychological component.

If you are someone who would like to spend months and months (in some instances years) talking to someone about all of your problems, and if going over and over them sounds interesting then counselling maybe your desired means of therapy. If however you want quick, long lasting change then hypnotherapy with us maybe your desired approach. Everyone has to choose their desired approach, I think I know what mine would be!

If you want to find out more about just how quick we can help you here at either in persons or online, drop us a message or book an informal 20 minute initial consultation form the menu above :)

Speak soon,


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