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Our Hypnotherapy in Cambridge ~ So why do we do this stuff?

Hypnosis, hypnotism ~ So why do we do this stuff?

This thing , which some people say doesn’t exist and others hold in mystery (if only they knew !).

Here’s the answer on the form of another question(s).

Why would two young men, 18 and 24 year old respectively, decide to enter into the world of helping people and in affect totally risk their livelihoods? Changing steady careers to one of uncertainty.

Why would someone highly experienced and respected in business say no to that life and change direction completely towards caring for people?


Because the answer to all the above must be PASSION. Having a passion for what we do and getting the best buzz life can give you when you see someone change, let go of old ‘stuff’ like depression which has held them back for years or overcoming low self esteem such as “I’m not good enough, deserving enough etc. etc. There are few things in life that gives you that feeling and we get to experience with our clients.

And the best thing is the passion is growing.

Sorry the answer is so short ~ but it is sweet.

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