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  • Luke Clough

Reclaim your Destiny day ~ getting bigger

Joseph and I have recently had a wonderful day in Liverpool taking a one day seminar and what a great time we had!

Better than that everybody attending had a great time too and are now on their way to success in their life~Awesome.

We had a camera crew to make a DVD of the day and hopefully with the right technology we’ll be able to have something here for you to see and get a flavour of the event.

One delegate found that after 20 years of fruitless counselling and so many other therapies this day made the difference to her life in finding and going through her boundaries that had restricted her and now could see the future, a bright future. I’m hoping that her videoed testimonial will be here soon.

Because of the success of the day and what everybody got from it we are now planning to bring this to Cambridge. Where and when can be found on our training website.

We are also planning to expand these to a whole weekend and make it an even better.

Change with fun ~ that’s got to be the best way to do it.

The day was a doing day for all but if you want to know and learn to do what we do for yourself to have continued self improvement or be able to be a great therapist using NLP, Time Line Therapy and real hypnosis we have Certified Practitioner Courses in October (Cambridge)and November (Liverpool). Check out the testimonialsto find out what previous NLP Practitioners have said about their experiences of our courses. You will find out that not only are the standard certification curriculum are learnt (that’s way not enough for us) but you will learn to so much more and be able to use it as your own ‘in the muscle’

How much pleasure can you stand?


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