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Insomnia is it real ~ Cambridge Hypnotherapy

When people come to see us for help it can be quite hard to understand although the problem they came about almost probably is not the problem.

Now that might not make sense at first reading but think about it ~ most of the things we experience and don’t like are the effects of something else.

Here’s an example:

Not sleeping at night ~ “I just want a good night sleep” but that’s not the problem it’s what’s causing you to not sleep is the underlying problem

Recently a client had this very problem and was so desperate to sleep because if they had 3 hours sleep that was a good night, it was if they couldn’t shut off their thinking and internal voice which were always planning what to do and not make a mistake.

So getting them to unconsciously remember to have a good nights sleep and use it wouldn’t work because the thinking etc was trying to do something very positive ~  to make sure they didn’t let others down and we found out ultimately not to be alone. Therefore a tiny belief of you have to do everything perfectly or others won’t like you and you’ll end up alone was causing real conflict in their life. Even if you can be perfect (an impossibility) they were so physically tired they were always going to under perform!

Here’s the thing we found this in the first session and also did a hugely powerful process we have developed. They left with a further appointment in a week’s time.

I also got this text message which as always blows me away (I don’t know why but it does every time!)

“Hi paul, i dont need next weeks appointment. Ive been sleeping fine since our first session on tuesday! 🙂 thanks so much, its a huge relief. Not totally sure how you did it but it worked a treat!! Please put me on your email circulation list. Thanks so much for the book too. I will send you something for it. Very best regards,”

Job Done!!!! One Session  ~ Brilliant!!

If you’re interested in finding out more


call 01223 720 120

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