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Hypnosis for operations ? Does it work?

I am never surprised how quick we can do anything ~ especially healing ~ if we simply ask our unconscious mind to do what it does naturally but quicker than usual.

Here’s a really good example from the many we have.

Client with no previous experience of hypnosis and some what sceptical was due a small operation which could be done either under local or general anesthetic. Unfortunately they were the kind of person who really bruise easily and can look like they lost a fight after going to the dentist.

The day before the operation was due to happen they admitted they we getting anxious and a little scared of the prospect and asked “Would hypnosis help??” Our answer is as always “Yes ~ if you want it to”

You see we can ask our unconscious mind to do many things regarding operations such as:

  1. To create more and more relaxation before, during and after

  2. To accept the operation as a help to regain perfect health and not an invasive thing to the body

  3. To reduce swelling if appropriate

  4. To reduce bruising to a minimum

  5. To be infection free


  1. To speed up the healing process that will amaze both you and the doctors

So What Happened?

In less than 20 minutes we had gone into trance, done our work with the unconscious mind and come back out of trance.

Had a really restful sleep and woke up looking forward to being back to full health

They decided to have a local anesthetic and was out of the hospital within 4 hours

No bruising and the tiniest swelling.

Had to be told to rest even though feeling OK.

Did it surprise me? ~ No

Did it amaze me? ~ Always!

If you’re reading this and preparing for something like this check out Hypnosis and if you are in or around Cambridge check out our Hypnosis and our Complimentary consultation

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