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Creating what you want ~ testimonials

We have received wonderful feedback of our weekend seminar ‘Reclaim your Destiny’ and wanted to share these. It makes us feel great to have given something we’re passionate about and have that passion found and reciprocated. So much so we are planning more in the near future and our intention is make them better than ever!

Here’s a couple:

“Hi Paul and Joseph, Just writing to thank you for a wonderful weekend. I felt very inspired by the end of it and look foreward to achieving my many goals. It was a truly great seminar with lots of interesting people and great leadership and support from you both. Thankyou and….


“I really enjoyed the weekend – a wonderful indulgence that I have not had for many years. It was also so wonderful to meet so many different people and get a look into their inspirations and aspirations.

An excellent weekend of thought provoking and practical guidelines to enhance my experience of the world, carer and personal life. The aspect I was most cynical about, the meditations and hypnosis, I actually enjoyed the most and they really reinforced the different topics cover. Indeed, I have taken the techniques and visualisations with me – I shoot down my negativity death star regularly especially on a Monday mornings!

In any case, it was a real tonic and put into place many goals, techniques and “learnings” for today and tomorrow. The energy it has given is amazing and I feel in control of my day to day and my destiny. Before the seminar I began to suffer from panic attacks at night. My wife, helped me through these as she has already completed your NLP Practitioners course. She also suggested I attend your Reclaim Your Destiny Weekend, with some trepidation, fear and cynicism I went. However, it is the best thing I have done in many years, a really joyous, purposeful, positive experience. The techniques and exercises have given me the tools to reclaim control over my life and destiny. My anxiety levels have significantly reduced and panic attacks have been banished.


Feel free to use all or any part of this e-mail

Patrick Hasell ”

Teacher of Sociology and History and AQA Examiner.

BSc Hons, PCGE, M.A Social Science

So thanks to all those who came along and made our weekend too and if this moves you to come along and create what you want follow your instinct and in those immortal words of Nike “Just do it!”

We also have other trainings this year in Cambridge for those who want to become therapists, for personal development (our NLP practitioner course with Time LineTherapy and Real hypnosis) and to learn hypnosis great ways to improve our lives and really get what we truly deserve (abundance, fun and happiness)


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