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  • Luke Clough

You can do more…… SOOOOOOO much more

You’re operating at 40%, no more than that

Physically, I promise you that you are capable of so much more than you are doing right now. Every time you quit, it’s a mental quitting, not a physical one. I can think of so many examples where I have quit at something in my life, something that I felt had just got too hard. Looking back I also know that after nearly each and every time I ended up kicking myself for not just ploughing on and finishing what I started.  Here’s a few examples of where you may relate to situations which result in quitting due to nothing more than mental weakness.

PHYSICALLY: Maybe it’s someone who is trying to commit to running 10k, getting half way in and thinking that their legs hurt too much, or that their stitch is just too bad. How about those times in the gym where you know you can hit 12 reps, yet that lactic acid burn makes you stop after only 8 even when you know the strength is there to do more.

EMOTIONALLY: Hands up those who have walked away from a relationship that they were so wanting to work? However those nagging doubts about whether you’re good enough force you to walk away and later on you have those “what if’ thoughts?

PROFESSIONALLY: That job interview for the position you’ve been working towards for years. However when the moment to apply comes you decide that its not right for you so you hand in your notice. You’d rather leave than see someone else get the job you want, but your lack of confidence just holds you back.

There are so many times where you can do more. Trust me, you ARE more. You are more than you could even imagine, and you owe it to yourself to be the best version of yourself, Forget about that nagging voice in your head saying “it hurts, stop, do it another day, you’ve done enough”….. There is no other day, there is only now and now is the moment to smash that limiting barrier than you are setting yourself.

That’s the crazy thing. YOU are the one choosing to quit. YOU are the one choosing to stop before you’ve reached your goal. YOU are the one deciding it’s better to stop than carry on. If someone was threatening you to stop then maybe there’s a reason (still not a valid reason though in my opinion) but there isn’t, this is all on you.

Don’t quit. It was David Goggins (yes him again) who states that we are operating at no more than 40% of our capability. That means there is a whopping 60% more to what you can do. So stop whining, stop moaning and start winning. Even if you fail, as long as you gave 100% you will feel like a winner as you have given your all.

Need some help? As always contact us here and we can show you how easy it is to operate at 100% and start experiencing those wins on a daily basis!


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