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  • Luke Clough

Why not you?

One thing that a lot of our clients have in common is a misconception that others have more of a chance of a succeeding than they do. Others are physically more able to train and lose weight than they are. Others have more knowledge about how to grow a business from scratch than they do. Others have more ability to perform on stage in front of others than they have. There is a lot of negative self talk and beliefs that have been holding them back for years. This is where we get to work!

We can all try and just copy the behaviours of others, or force ourselves into situations that we have avoided for years. This though can be hugely tiring. It's exhausting having to drag yourself out and do something, such as go to the gym or attend a networking event. Imagine if you had a huge social anxiety and the thought of leaving the house left you shaking. Now you have to open the door, leave and go to a party where you won't know many people. It would leave you exhausted by the time you'd simply arrived as you'd be running through every worst case scenario on the way there. Someone else may be super excited to go, thrilled at the thought of meeting a bunch of new people and they'd be desperate to just be there already. What's the difference between those 2 people? The reality is nothing, apart from their internal thinking that is. If one person can do it then anyone can do it.

We can use that same idea with absolutely anything. If one person can get up an hour early to go for a run then anyone can. If one person can build a business from scratch then anyone can. If one person can perform on stage, then anyone can. All we need to do is to find a way to use all of the skills and abilities that we have. Bottom line is we all have confidence, motivation, will power, drive, contentment and rational thinking, it's just we're not always using them.

How do we start using them? Drop us an email through our contact form and I'll happily talk you through how easy it an actually be!

Speak soon,


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