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Weight Loss Results!!!!

About 6 weeks ago I received an email from a client (who we'll call 'X' for confidentiality reasons) who had battled with their weight for what seemed like their whole life and they were finally ready to change. Now although they had tried every diet plan and fad known to man over the past few years, nothing had managed to be successful for longer than a few months.

So what finally made 'X' seek my help? They had children who were now at school, and when doing the school run they felt embarrassed and ashamed, not for themselves but for their children. They didn't want their children to be made fun of for the way that they as a parent looked. Now we can all look at this and think that should never happen and no one should be made fun of, but the reality is that we all know what children are like. They will often pick on people and say hurtful things, because let's face it, they are children!

Anyone who has been here for weight loss knows that we don't focus on food per say. We don't start to look at what a healthy diet is or isn't, as you all know that already! Anyone overweight is obviously eating more calories than they need to be eating, it's that simple. If the total number of calories coming in to the body is greater than the number of calories we burn then we put on weight. If the number of calories coming in is less than what we burn then we lose weight. That's it!

Back to 'X'. The first thing we looked at is the reasons behind their eating. We looked at all the emotional reasons for their consumption, the habitual reasons and ultimately what the intention was behind it all. That gave us our guide on everything we needed to know to change their relationship with food almost instantly!

After the first session they had eaten zero chocolate. Previously they ate at least 2 chocolate bars a day! That immediately reduced their caloric intake by over 400 calories a day, thats over 2800 calories across the week which is crazy! The best thing was that they didn't have to fight this change, they simply didn't feel compelled to buy or eat any :-)

After the second session they had stuck to their reduced chocolate consumption, and also now reported that they surprisingly hadn't drunk any Coca Cola. They hadn't originally told me this but they used to drink a whole 1.75L bottle a day! Thats's a further reduction of 750 calories per day, 5250 calories over the week. Add that to their zero echolocate and after only 2 weeks they had knocked off over 8000 calories a week from their diet!!!!!

3 sessions in and they had continued with heir zero chocolate and zero fizzy drinks, and now found themselves just feeling full and not always finishing their meals. This will obviously knock their calories down further and add to that huge reduction.

6 weeks later and where is 'X' now? Well, I always try and follow up with clients to make sure they are still on track, and still on track they are! not only with their food but they have joined a gym and now exercise 3-4 times a week for 45 mins a time. Total weight loss..... are you ready????? 21lbs down in only 6 weeks!!! That is life changing and I couldn't be prouder or happier for them!

So as you can see weight loss is simple when you apply maths and don't over complicate it. Forget about green foods, red foods, liquid meals etc and instead look at changing your relationship with food otherwise any change you make will always be short term.

You know what you need to do to change, send me an email or call me on 01223 720 120 and you too can start being like 'X'!

Speak soon,


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