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  • Luke Clough

Take ownership and responsibility instead of blaming others

It's your responsibility for where you are right now, no one else can be blamed. Taking ownership of our situation instead of blaming others can set us on a completely new journey. When we take ownership, we are in control of our actions and decisions. we are the ones who get to decide where we go and what we do. This empowers us to make positive changes and take steps towards achieving our goals. By blaming others, we give away our power and simply become victims of circumstances. While we may have been put through untold levels of hurt or trauma by others, we are responsible for how we react to it, and how we move forward. We would need to rely on other people to change their ways in order for us to change with them. That's just not possible. Secondly, taking ownership promotes personal growth and development. When we accept responsibility for our actions, we can learn from our mistakes and make improvements. This self-reflection allows us to identify areas for growth and take forward moving, proactive measures to overcome challenges. Blaming others, on the other hand, just slows us down. It will end up hindering personal growth as it keeps us stuck in a cycle of finger-pointing and making excuses. In addition, taking ownership will help us have much better relationships with others. When we acknowledge our role in a situation, it shows a level of maturity and accountability. This can lead to improved communication and problem-solving, as we are more likely to collaborate with others to find solutions. By accepting responsibility we will no longer just blame others for what we are doing. Finally, taking ownership helps us build a positive mindset and resilience. We need to use so many skills and resources that we haven't used in order to move forward. By accepting responsibility, we focus on finding solutions rather than dwelling on problems. This optimistic outlook allows us to bounce back from setbacks and maintain a proactive attitude. Blaming others, however, just creates this victim mentality and keeps us going around on this negative cycle of blame and resentment. In conclusion, taking ownership of our situation can have the following outcomes.

  1. It empowers us to make change in our lives, as its now possible!

  2. It improves relationships as we stop blaming others,

  3. Allows us to be free from the past

  4. We become the cause of our future and not dependant upon anyone else

  5. We can change our journey at any moment by deciding we want more.

Sounds nice, right? Well if you're the one causing your levels of unhappiness then why not decide to become happy, and make those steps towards achieving it?

As alway, send us a message or call us on 01223 720 120 if you want to find out more about we can help you do that.

Speak soon,


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