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  • Luke Clough

Results in only 3 sessions, we're that good!

One of the biggest shocks our clients have is when we tell them that in order to get results we typically only work with clients for normally no more 3 sessions (occasionally 2, occasionally 4 but 3 on average). They wonder how can something that affects their life in such a huge way be eliminated in such a short period of time? Quite simply, the answer is why not? I know a lot of other types of therapists, and even other Hypnotherapists that work with clients for 10 - 12 sessions, and sometimes even more. It completely blows my mind as to how or why that would ever be necessary.

So what do we do differently? One of the main things that massively sets us apart from others is we don't overcomplicate things. Others have different routines or passages of work dependant upon the problem. They may have a particular session plan for alcoholism, a different one for phobias, another one for weight loss, one for depression, one for anxiety and so on and so forth. This is just plain wrong. Sure, we have access to different tools and different areas of work dependant upon the person, but by and large all of our sessions are very similar. If someone is very visual we may get them to do something differently to someone who is auditory digital, or kinaesthetic for example. But if we view everything as being similar in the sense that all problems are simply an internal process of something external, then it doesn't matter what that external thing is. We are simply getting clients to learn how to process information differently.

If you have wanted to look into changing an aspect of your life but worry wether Hypnotherapy is for you, the best thing you can do is contact us. Before we ever work with clients we always invite everyone to attend an initial consultation which is complimentary with zero fee. It is a chance for our clients to come and ask any questions, get a better idea of what to expect from sessions, but just as importantly (if not more) it allows them to meet me face to face. They can make sure they feel conformable with me and my approach, and believe that this is the best place for them to achieve their results in the quickest time possible.

So what are you waiting for? Fill the contact form out by clicking the link at the top of the page and I'll be in touch as soon as i can. You can even book your 20 minute initial consultation yourself :)

Speak soon,


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