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Promised testimonial for our NLP/Time Line Therapy/Real Hypnosis Practitioner course

Having just completed another training both Joseph and I were so pleased to receive the following comments.

We saw a huge change and a great deal of skill along with bucket loads of passion from our delegates. It was really good to see everyone using their newly acquired skills ‘in the muscle’  (not just trying out techniques) and making them their own ~ doing what they knew and knowing what they did – the steps to mastery and not mystery!

“This training REALLY went over my expectations, I believe that every service received should be for the receiver of higher value of the fees paid and the fees paid should be for the provider of the service of higher value of the time spent providing the service.

The notions and skills learnt are MUCH, MUCH more valuable than the fees paid.

The hands on approach made it very easy to learn and put the new abilities into practice right away providing the chance of understanding exactly how to apply the “techniques” .

The trainers were ALWAYS happy to help and answer questions, even after the course ended.

If I had to rate this experience 1-10 it would be a 20! There are no words I can use to describe how satisfied, rewarded and pleased I am.

The best investment I have made in years, this course also made me a better man.

Thank you VERY much Joe and Paul!

Luca Senatore “

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