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  • Luke Clough

Performance anxiety and how hypnotherapy can get rid of it

mr anxiety
(Recognise this guy???)

What is performance anxiety? Well it's pretty much exactly what it says, a state of anxiety that is triggered by the idea or actuality of performing in front of people. Performing can obviously take many different forms too. It may be standing in front of 1000 people delivering a keynote talk. It may be playing a particular sport in front of a large (or small) group of spectators. It may be playing a musical instrument or singing on a stage in front of a crowd. It may be having to stand up in a meeting or training and introduce yourself to others. It can even be as small a scenario as being in a 1-2-1 scenario with a work colleague or manager. Ultimately I guess we are always 'performing' in one way or another, even when we are out socialising.

So what is it about being in these situations that triggers anxiety I hear you cry? Well, I'm glad you asked! In all of the situations above, typically the individual concerned is simply paying too much attention and energy to the outside environment. They may be worrying wether or not they are getting a welcomed or appreciated response, or maybe they are focusing too much time on what others think of them.

The reality is that everything outside of you is out of your control. If people enjoy what you say, or they are critical and judgemental, then that's going to happen regardless of whether you think it should or not. At first glance, this might look like a bad thing as there are sooooo many things that we can't control, and the only things we have complete control over are our own thoughts and behaviours. On the contrary, this is an amazing and empowering situation. It simply means that we are always in control of ourselves, and no one can affect us unless we let them. This is much easier to write than to consciously put into practice, but that is where we come in. Here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy, we are constantly helping clients start to reprogram their minds to trigger off the desired and rational response to this external stimulus. They become calm, relaxed, confident even if people aren't reacting they way they would ideally like them to.

Guess what? You too can be one of our many success stories! ! All you need to do is reach out by using the contact form above and we can arrange a complimentary 20 minute initial consultation to show you how we can help you get your desired outcome in only 2-3 sessions! Go for it!

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