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  • Luke Clough

NLP on Radio 4 a comment from Cambridge Hypnotherapy

It’s great that NLP is being discussed on national radio.

One of the things I didn’t hear are all the successes that NLP has brought about to so many people. That always seems to be missed or simply explained even as a placebo or the charisma of the practitioner.

Placebo or the Charisma??

Well for me, if NLP is a placebo which produces quick and comfortable results that often would take 10 times longer when treated other more ‘recognised’ therapies and psychological interventions then I happily accept the result, it just seems a little naive to believe the quick results that all our clients produce to be entirely down to a placebo effect. And as modest as we are, to say our change work is down to our charisma well…………….?

Maybe the real thruth??

The thing we notice more and more is that a majority of our clients are coming to us because they cannot find a quick and lasting solution to their problems elsewhere and elsewhere favours masking the problem instead of addressing it and finding the resources to deal with it.

One thing that people forget is that NLP was originally modeled from, in part, hypnosis and when you couple NLP with Hypnosis you have a great marriage for assisting people change. Now if you add Time Line Therapy(tm) to that you really do have a range of processes that not only create quick change but also a lasting and comfortable change, no delving into and re-experiencing the past which often can cause even more negative emotions to be experienced. And yes we are all Master practitioners of trainers of all three with over 25 yeears of combined experience.

Now we’re not saying what we do here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy is better than every other therapy ~ far from it ~ all we know are the great results our clients make and continue to make.

If you are interested in finding out more give us a call or email us at or better still contact us here to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation.

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