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  • Luke Clough

My journey with abstaining from alcohol

So those who know me may well know that towards the beginning of 2023 (20th February to be exact) I decided to take a break from drinking alcohol. Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't a HUGE drinker, and would normally consume alcohol on average only about 2 days a week. Even then, sometimes it would simply be a couple of beers whilst watching the football or watching a movie at the weekend. However, common with most people there were obviously times where I drank more, and there was normally always a knock on effect. So what were these knock on effects, what impact, if any, did completely removing alcohol have on them?

1) Health: I have trained on and off in gyms ever since my teens. Heck I even became a fitness instructor upon leaving college. The older I got, I realised it was much more important to pay more attention to my general health and fitness and had been hitting the gym super hard since mid 2022. Alcohol was certainly having a detrimental impact upon my training. Even a couple of beers meant I couldn't train as hard or intense as I wanted to the next day. Fast forward 226 days later to today. 226 days of zero alcohol, not even a sip and I'm the strongest I've ever been, and probably look better at 43 that i did at 33!!!!!

2) Relationships: This is a big one for me. Did I always put my family first after a beer? Unfortunately the answer to that is a very disappointing and resounding no!!! Sometimes if as a family we were out with friends, we may have stayed for an extra drink whereas going home would have suited the majority much more! I may have stayed up late watching a movie that really I had no interest in just to finish the drink I had, which sometimes would even mean having another to get to the end of the movie. This meant the next day I would be tired and not 100% present with my family. I wouldn't be the husband and father that I wanted to be, and thats something which I continue to strive to be. I can only apologise!

3) Business: Productivity generates business, I really believe it's that simple. If you're self employed and aren't doing any work, then you're not going to be able to generate work. I was at times feeling sluggish due to the physical effects, tired due to the poor sleep patterns and this is purely a recipe for mediocre. If I wanted to continue to run what I consider to be the best and most successful longest serving full time hypnotherapy practice around, things needed to change!

Fast forward to 226 days later and life feels pretty good. The big question is where do I go from here? Will I have a beer again? I'll talk about that in my next blog :)

For now, if you feel you need help changing your relationship with alcohol then you know what to do. Contact us through the contact button above and I'll let you know just how easy and quick it can be!

Speak soon,


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