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  • Luke Clough

Mini Rant!!!

I saw a social media post by someone last week, and have seen a few others post along a similar theme so I guess it's a copy and paste kind of thing.... and it really irritated me! I'll paraphrase and create a name for anonymity, but it went along the lines of Mr X posting "I think we can agree that no one was right, when in 2016 they predicted where they would be in 5 years time"

That, right there above, was my instant reaction!!! I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that not a single person way back in 2015 predicted a pandemic would happen in 2020, and that the world would literally seem to shut down over night. But to a degree lets get it straight, what does it matter?

If you are making 5 year plans that are solely dependable on the world around you, then your plan is instantly flawed. If you are so single minded that you are relying on external factors to facilitate your plan, again your plan is instantly flawed.


YES the world changed drastically

YES businesses were affected, some hugely to the point of closure!

YES travel became massively limited!

YES socialising became restricted

YES we all had to adapt to survive!!


Am I where I wanted to be, if I were to ask myself 5 years earlier? Pretty much I would say yes on the whole. I have my family, I have a successful hypnotherapy business which is still thriving, and I have my health. Many people can't say that and for that reason I feel incredibly grateful (nice how I didn't say lucky).

1) Was my business affected? Initially yes. One of my other businesses closed down overnight costing me a lot of money.

2) Was my health affected? Initially yes. I couldn't hit the gym, ate more and drank more.

3) Were my relationships affected? Initially yes, I couldn't see friends and like everyone else was starting to feel the stress of everything.

Notice how I answered with initially yes? It gets to the point where you have to sit there and think "Ok, what can I do about this to make a change?". Losing one business drove me to focus entirely on Cambridge Hypnotherapy. We switched our work entirely to online and have seen business flourish. I couldn't hit the gym, so started to work out from home with an online coach, and started to pay attention to what I ate and drank. I went 3 months without any alcohol at all in fact! I started to arrange zoom catch ups with friends, and really start to embrace the new amount of time I could spend with my family, something which I noticed I'd taken for granted over the years.

So, back to the point of this blog. The sad and frustrating thing is that I can largely predict that if something like this were to happen in 5 years time, Mr X would find himself exactly where he has found himself this time. Unless he learns how to adapt, how to change course on his way to a goal, and how to be in complete control of his future then it will all seem like Groundhog Day for him. Please, DON'T be like Mr X!!!!!

If you feel that you don't want that, and are determined to make sure that you write your own script of life then why not contact us. We can show you how to use your skills and attributes to reach your goals no matter what life throws at you! We offer all of our clients a free initial consultation where you can feel sure this is the best way for you to proceed. Click the contact button above to send us message. You can even book your consultation yourself online by clicking the 'book now' tab, or finally feel free to give us a call on 01223 720 120.

I look forward to speaking with you soon,


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