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  • Luke Clough

Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking

Can Hypnotherapy ACTUALLY help people stop smoking? Can it REALLY be done in only one session? Can ANYONE be helped to stop smoking? The simple answer to all of these questions is........ YES!!!!

Isn't smoking addictive though?

In our opinion, smoking is NOT physically addictive (controversial maybe) and there are several real life examples that add weight to this. A female may be a heavy smoker, and then fall pregnant. The idea of harming her unborn baby is unfathomable so they instantly stop smoking as soon as they find out the great news. A male may smoke 20 a day and decide to try and give patches a go to be free from smoking. They continue to get nicotine into their bloodstream through the patches, yet for some reason they decide to throw away their patches and go back to smoking. If there was a physical dependancy on nicotine none of these outcomes would occur.

So why do people continue to smoke?

Just because there is no physical dependancy on nicotine, there is still an obvious psychological dependancy. It can often be the case of simply a habitual behaviour, for example people may find themselves smoking every time they get into the car, or every time they have a cup of coffee. There can be a mental connection between an event and the need to smoke. There is also a presupposition within NLP that states 'All behaviour has a positive intention' Simply put, the unconscious mind sees smoking as a positive thing. It may be a perceived way to relieve stress, a way to help socialise with their friends, or even relieve boredom. Notice how I wrote perceived? The reality is that more often than not, smoking causes the exact opposite to occur (I'll go into more detail about intentions and outcomes in another post).

Can it really be completed in only one session?

Yep, in the vast majority of cases one session is all it needs to be free from smoking. Now as with anything in life, there is no guarantee that everyone will stop smoking and we are very honest about that. This is why we don't work with everyone who enquires with us, as we genuinely only want to work with those that we believe will change. There is no magic click of the fingers to cause a change, and if we think for any reason that the chances of them getting there outcomes are small then we will look at other options for them. We do offer clients the option of a FREE back up session within the first 2 months of their session, as we are so sure that we can help them. This is rarely required, but it's resassuring for them to know that they have that safety net there.

How do we go about stopping smoking?

Simple... fill out an enquiry form above, call us on 01223 720120 or book a 20 minute initial consultation through our website. We can go over exactly how we work, answer any questions, and make sure we are a good fit for you to one of our many success stories :)

Speak soon!


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