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  • Luke Clough

Hypnotherapy for Depression taking 5 sessions

Have you ever had the experience of being both happy and disappointed at the same time?

I worked such a lovely client who had had depression for over 15 years and life’s experiences were not the best. Well it was those experiences that remained in the forefront of their mind when they first came to visit us for the complimentary consultation.

Desperate for someone to help and be truthful in expectations we began our first session which began the process to recovery of a life that they would enjoy and for the people in her life to enjoy too.

Because of all the things they had experienced we wanted to find the one thing that would allow them to let go of that depression (and anxiety/fear). You see, we could have just tried to eliminate each one at a time and spend countless number of sessions ~ Which we here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy DON’T, WON’T or NEVER do ~ What we did was this ~ we found the cause of their negative feelings. This is what would be termed the root cause and the metaphor we use to explain this is, if you just keep picking the leaves from a weed they just keep on growing but if you pluck out the root it has to disappear.

And this is where happy and disappointed fits in. I had my expectations of clearing this depression in three sessions (or sooner) and it took five (although begining session 5 we were already 90% better!)

One of the nicest things to happen during our time together was that this client reviewed the draft of my book about addressing and dealing with grief (it’s tentatively called “It doesn’t have to be this way”) and the critique was brilliant and maybe the content helped us too.

So I guess what I’m saying here is yes it’s really possible to change the way you feel no matter how bad or for how long in 3 or less sessions but just occasionally it takes another 3 hours.

The thing is YOU really can change if,, like our clients, you really want too and are prepared to do whatever it takes.


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