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Feeling the way you want ~ with NLP

What would it be like if you were to feel really good for no reason at all?

Imagine, at any time, being able to feel good, passionate, motivated, happy…….. (the list goes on and on) just before you were about to do something.

I wonder what difference that would make to you and how much better you would enjoy it?

And it’s easy….. is it?……….yes it is!

Do this….

Decide how you want to feel.

Remember one time, one specific time, you really felt that way

Go back to that experience in your mind and be there

See what you saw, Hear what you heard and really Feel the feelings

as you REALLY feel the feelings. Notice you can magnify them more and more

if you want, just make the pictures BIGGER, brighter, closer and keeeeeeeeep intensifying the feeling more and more.

As you do this squeeeze your thumb and forefinger together at the hieght of the feeling for about the count of 5

Do this a few times with this or another experience of the same feeling you want.

If you really want to intensify this feeling ~ SPIN it faster and faster as you squeeze.

Then, just before you do the thing you wanted to feel different doing, just simply squeeze your thumb and forefinger and ……………………go do it.

I wonder what it would be like to have this and wonderful other feelings without you having to do this?

Well that’s what we do here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy… to get this to happen all by itself and for you to be surprised how your life changes.

Interested~ we are

Wanton pleasure~ now that’s a great feeling to have, isn’t it, wouldn’t it?


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