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  • Luke Clough

Creating Your Dreams ~ The Work Book

Yes ~ this is my first book to help taking your dreams and making them a reality.

It’s also the first item on my dream web domain  both of which came from using the process in this book and the accompanying CD.

There’s going to be more to come as my dreams are realised such as:

A deep hypnosis CD to activate your creativity and and beliefs and assist you with putting goals you dare dream of into your future.

A retreat to work on your dreams and the beliefs that have held you back from realising those dreams. Whether these dreams are to create the loving relationship you want or have and want to enhance it to another level, career, experiences anything!

Workshops/seminars to enhance creativity

There will be more to add as my dreams become those I can share

 We’re all dream makers we just have to realise it and them


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