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Be true to yourself

Be true to yourself, and don’t let others stop you!!

follow your dreams

We hear a lot from people talking about how you shouldn’t simply chase the dream life of money, fast cars, expensive houses and luxury items. Whilst I agree on one hand, I completely disagree on the other. I did a brief facebook video on this subject the other day, which you can watch below.

B E – T R U E Posted by Cambridge Hypnotherapy on Sunday, June 14, 2020

Being completely content is a beautiful concept, although it is also one that is very subjective. What is contentment? I think it means very different things too different people. For one person who is massively into living as minimalist life, being content can mean simply being on their own, or with their family with nothing else around.  For others who love cars for example it might be buying their dream car and keeping it all pristine and sparkling. Two different people, with two very different concepts of what being content means.

Ignore them

That would be my advice if someone tells you to stop chasing things that you truly believe make you happy. If your dream has always been to be a millionaire, and someone tells you your need to just be content with what you have…. IGNORE THEM! They are wrong, utterly wrong. You need to follow your goals and dreams, but what is important is making sure that they are YOUR goals and dreams. Don’t follow what society and others tell you you should be doing.

First step

That said, the first step is to go ahead and work out what your dreams are. At the end of the day how do you chase your dreams if you don’t know what they are. Once you know what they are, you can start to work out a plan as to how you’re going to achieve it. Oh, and this by the way, is where you let no-one take you off course. You follow those goals, and when you do let me know how it feels to reach contentment 🙂

As always if you need any help drop us a message by clicking here and we’ll be more than happy to help you start to discover what your goals are.

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