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  • Luke Clough

2 simple tips to lose weight

Now these 2 tips are going to sound super simple, but they are 2 things (that I have done) that will help you to start creating new habits, thus helping you change your total calories in and calories out. They will allow you to be more mindful about what you are eating and doing on an energy expenditure level too.

1) Track your consumption: This is something that will enable you to elicit wether you are in a calorie deficit or not. Every little bit of food that you eat, or drink that you consume will all add up to a total number of calories at the end of the day. I guarantee you that if you don't track your calories on a daily basis then you will have zero idea of what this number is. If you find it out, and you see your weight is not decreasing then you know you need to find calories from within this number that you can eliminate. For example if you had eggs and 2 bits of toast, you could easily remove one piece of toast. If you were having lunch with 80g of pasta, then you know to measure out 60g instead. I use an app (myfitnesspal) and literally track everything. You can even scan a food items barcode and it will give you the exact macros which you can then log.


2) Set yourself a daily step target: Grab your phone, or smart watch, and set yourself a step target, Make sure that it is something you are able to achieve and realistic. There is no point setting yourself a target of 30,000 steps if you are at the moment doing barely any. If you currently doing 10,000, then likewise there's not much point increasing that to 12,000. I personally aim for 15,000 steps a day, and aim to hit that target at least 80% of the month. There are more than likely going to be days where you are unable to hit it. For example if you are travelling in a car, or on a train for 8 hours, and that's ok. Make sure you hit it as often as you can, as it will result in more calories being burned.

Do those 2 tips and you'll be on your way. There's much more to losing weight, especially to get rid of any of the constant battle and energy it takes to focus on these things. We at Cambridge Hypnotherapy will help these all become unconscious changes, and get rid of all the emotional eating etc so there is no more battling.

Drop us a message through the contact form above and we'll talk more about helping you :)

Speak soon,


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