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  • Luke Clough

Stoptober… Stop smoking with Cambridge Hypnotherapy

So here it is, Stoptober is upon us. For whatever reason, we all like to have a reason to change our behaviours, such as National Stop Smoking Day or New Years Day, and now we have Stoptober.

Every single person out there who smokes know the obvious… That smoking is dangerous and bad for their health (and can ultimately kill them), that they’re wasting around £3000 a year (if they smoke 20 a day), that they are waking up every morning with that horrible chesty cough, or maybe that they are having to lie to their partner or children about what they are doing so that they can sneak off for that secret cigarette. Yet even taking all of this into account, they still can’t seem to quit smoking, and keep blaming it on the fact that they are addicted, and that the nicotine is controlling them.

These are nothing but excuses though, and if they were honest with themselves they would see this and finally allow themselves the responsibility to finally let go of their smoking habit and become the non smoker they crave to be.

Stopping smoking is very very easy….. with us at Cambridge Hypnotherapy. We can help change your mind patterns so that every time you see, or smell a cigarette, your desire to become and remain a non smoker will grow stronger, and that your craving to live a healthy lifestyle will easily overcome the old desire for that cigarette you knew deep down you didn’t even want.

So how can you make that step? By simply clicking here and sending us your contact details, or calling us on 01223 720 120. We can help you stop smoking in only one simple session. Why make it hard for yourself, when it REALLY doesn’t need to be.


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