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  • Luke Clough

Panic attacks ~ it’s just a story ~ isn’t it

feeling stuckA local fisherman started his daily routine of getting his equipment together, putting his waders on and grabbing his fishing setting off for the ocean.

After walking from his truck to the ocean, he started to wade out into the wide sea ahead of him.

He continued wading until he was about 50m out to sea, only anther 10m to go…… All of a sudden, a thought came into his mind….. what danger could there be around him, he started to think about what could go wrong, all the bad possibilities…… and almost immediately his foot felt stuck.

No matter how hard he fought it, he just couldn’t seem to move his foot… he started to panic, his heart rate increased, he started to sweat and his chest got tighter and tighter.

As he glanced down however, he noticed the sea was crystal clear, and there was nothing around him…. his foot was in an open area of soft sand.

He composed himself, took a nice deep breath, relaxed and slowly but surelystarted to move his leg until he found himself walking again.

He still had no idea as to what had previously stopped him on his journey, but he did know that there was no danger, there was no harm, and the only thing that could possibly go wrong is………………..

that he’d catch no fish……

Just a story while I’m out here in Thailand.


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