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  • Luke Clough

New year resolutions an NLP approach

So many people make a list of all the things they want to change in their lives and that’s about it, that’s all they do ~ a list.

Does that sound the most successful way of changing and improving your life? Basically it sucks and we wonder why we fail or break these resolutions.

So what can we do?

Obviously the first thing we would say here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy is to come along and work with us, be coached one to one and be supported in getting what you want.

If that’s not what you want that’s okay because there’s plenty you can do.

The first thing to do is throw away the list, have one sheet of paper for each new goal or outcome you want to achieve. On the top of each one write a sentence to describe what you want but write it in the present tense ” I am now ………. fill in the blank”,

Then a few “why you want it’s” and make sure they are all positive and just notice how that feels imagining having it already ~ now. Imagine the last step so you know you have got your outcome. Make the picture bigger, brighter and notice how that feels

Then, keeping that feeling brainstorm

  1. Who do you know who can help?

  2. what do you have already?

  3. Where can you find things or people to help?

  4. What’s the very first thing you could do today? (Keep it simple ~ little steps and you will see results!)

  5. How often do you need to review how far you have got towards your outcome?

(You might want to check out my create your dreams website too)

Then commit. Commit to yourself and if you can out loud to others so you will be held accountable.

There’s an awful lot more to coaching and realising your goals and this is all a great start to get you on your way.

Sometimes however, we have limiting beliefs that hold us back or emotions that affect our self esteem and lack of confidence and that’s honestly where we can really help you here and Cambridge Hypnotherapy.

Either way I’d love to know how you get on doing things a little differently once you have thrown away that damn list!

You can always discus this further with us

by arranging an initial consultation that is completely complimentary

or call us on 01223 720 120

As we originally put on our website DREAM ~ CREATE ~ EXCEL

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