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  • Luke Clough

Learning Self Hypnosis in Cambridge


Imagine what it would be like to enter a deep state of relaxation whenever you choose, or being able to completely switch off and “chill out” after a long, hard day.

Being able to enter a state of self hypnosis on your own is an amazing tool to have. 

How or what could you use Self Hypnosis or?

  1. Improve health issues

  2. Improve your memory

  3. De-stress & De-clutter

  4. Problem solving

  5. Improve studying, revision

  6. A better nights sleep

  7. Improve skills and pleasures

  8. Pain control

Luke and I want to share our thoughts and personal techniques on self hypnosis and have organised to do this over 2 evenings. We’ll also be giving our specially designed Audio self hypnosis CD which will ensure you can practise until you become a custom to the process plus a backing track of our own copyrighted hypnosis music to use too.

We also intend to keep the classes restricted to 12 people so we can ensure we can create a bespoke traching where everyone can get what they specifically want.

There’s details on our Learn Self Hypnosis website plus if you go there you can download a relaxation Hypnosis audio with our compliments.



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