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‘Jon Richardson: A little bit OCD’ – Channel 4

Recently I watched ‘Jon Richardson: A Little Bit OCD’ on Channel 4, you may have seen it yourself. Seeing what Jon and the others he met on the show went through on a day-to-day basis was not surprising to me though as we regularly work with clients to help them let go do their OCD here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy.

One aspect of the show I found really shocking though, and that was when Jon visited a Mental Health Hospital where they went through their ‘desensitisation system’. This involved touching toilet door handles, wiping your hands all over your clothes and head, and even licking your hands. This followed with wiping your hands on a toilet seat itself, and then rubbing your hands all over clothes and body!! Now I don’t have OCD but the thought of doing that fills even me, as I’m sure it would you, with horrible feelings. Imagine how traumatic it would be if you were petrified of germs etc!!! The idea behind this way of working is as the name suggests, it in theory desensitises that person to that experience, however the problem can be that instead of doing this, it just sends the client into a huge state of panic and actually reinforces the fear/OCD reactions making them worse than they started. Nice!

At Cambridge Hypnotherapy we regularly work with clients with OCD and get fantastic results, and in a much more relaxed and comfortable way of changing. Using advanced levels of NLP we can start to reprogram what certain information (door handles, light switches etc) mean so that the clients mind processes this stimulus in a completely different way, which in turn produces a completely different reaction or behaviour. We can the use TimeLine Therapy to start to let go of the emotion that they experience, whether its fear or anxiety etc. With hypnosis we can also then start to tap into every resource that they have from confidence, relaxation, strength of mind and willpower etc and associate these attributes to the certain event/experience that caused the old unwanted reactions. It’s that SIMPLE and COMFORTABLE!

If you have any questions and would like to find out more, why not contact us now to find out just how easy it can be for you or someone close to you to change.

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