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  • Luke Clough

A simple way to feel good about yourself

Some time ago I was feeling very low. Things had happened in my life that really made me feel really low. In fact it was horrible to feel so low.

And one thing I did to change that was this simple thing.

I got a sheet of paper and in the middle of it I wrote

‘My Qualities’ and drew a circle around it. And I asked myself what are my qualities?” and to be honest the way I was feeling I couldn’t answer, I didn’t feel I had any.Anyway, I persisted, kept asking and listening for an answer and I thought…….Well at least I’m alive! that’s a qualitiy. so I drew a line from the circle and wrote that out. Then a little later they began to flow

I’ve had a sense of humour so that was a quality

I’ve made people laugh

My sons love me so I can be loved and I’m a father (that was two by the way)

I’ve painted pictures before so in my way I’m creative

I can learn things (done that before)

I have helped others

I know I’ve inspired a few people

I can breathe/smile/laugh

I can be a good friend

I have been supportive

I’ve been in love so I can love and accept love

and the list just went on and on and on…………………………..

When I’d fininshed I re-read it all in my quiet place and I began to feel different. I began to remember times that made me feel those qualities again and they were true to me.

I knew then that life would be different now and with those qualities I could feel better. Just focusing on those qualities seemed to make a difference every day to the way I felt, the way I acted and to those I lived with or met.

In fact we (that’s Joseph and I) use this in our Reclaim Your Destiny weekend seminars and on the last one when we asked for feedback someone shouted out “I really like me! ~ Thank you!”So why don’t you give this a try?

If you’re feeling low or down, even acting depressed or maybe just out of a relationship take a few minutes to remind yourself who you really are.

If you’re feeling good – do it too and make yourself feel even more better than you are right now.

You can come back to this at any time. Add to it as you remember more qualities, maybe remembering what others have told you but you didn’t believe them.

Just think how you would feel going into a meeting or facing a problem if you re-read those qualities and how much better the outcome would be when you feel that way.

Simple things make profound changes.


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