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You are what you believe you are………

Here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy, the majority of our clients are here to work on a confidence related issue, be it socially, personally, or even professionally.

To start with, lets look at what confidence is. How do we measure it? How can we gauge how confident someone is already? Quite simply, we can’t. Confidence in itself is not something that we can measure per say, as it is a feeling or a way of being dependant upon certain self beliefs. Take Sir Alan Sugar for example, he is someone who we perceive to be extremely confident. When he goes into a business meeting he is going in with the belief that he is fantastic at business. He can look back at all of his past successes and believe throughout every single part of his mind and body that he can achieve whatever he sets his mind too and that portrays itself in his persona and demeanour. We can compare this with the opposite character, someone who has been made bankrupt 3 times and a history of failures behind him. He will be going into his next meeting thinking “what if they bring up my old failings, what if they see that I’m a failure?” and in turn appear lacking in confidence, withdrawn and quiet.

So why is this? When we remember times that we have failed at something it naturally brings back a range of negative emotions such as regret, sadness, guilt, rejection and even fear. Our minds main job is to protect us, and it would much rather prevent us from making these same mistakes again than ever risk us feeling so low, and in order to do this, it gives us this sense of anxiety and fear as a fight or flight mechanism, either to keep us on our toes so that we can succeed or exceeding the rational level of anxiety so that it gets us away from the event in question.

In order to change this, we use techniques form within NLP to reframe what your mind believes about certain things, and start to reprogram it so that it functions in a different way, maybe by focusing on all of our successes and using all those same skills and resources. We also use Hypnosis to allow your mind to learn all of the learnings from your past that you can use to this day so that you can live free form those old restraints.

Typically it takes only 2-3 sessions to help clients start to live their life as the confident person that they desire to be, many even get their results sooner than this.

Contact us now to find out just how easy it can be,

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