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Why not Hypnotherapy

Why not hypnotherapy?

When it comes to mental health, it drives me mad that there is still this horrible stigma associated with getting help. Why is getting help mentally so different to getting help with any other area of your life?


If your body is not working the way you want it to, I guarantee that you would put the time and effort into getting it checked out. If you had a bad back you’d  visit a chiropractor, or if you had an ongoing health concern you’d probably get checked out by a doctor. Maybe it’s simply you noticed you constantly feel tired and lethargic and put it down to being overweight, so you join a gym or get a personal trainer onboard. Even down to doing a yoga class to loosen up if you noticed that just putting your socks on felt like the hardest thing to do and made your back creak!


If you run your own business, there’s a very good chance that you are great at what you do. However, how many that do can claim to be great at every bit of their business? I believe I’m great at hypnotherapy and helping clients change, however I know nothing about accounts so I simply have an accountant. You may employ an advertising agency as you realise you know nothing about social media advertising for example. Maybe you hire a web designer as you want a new website and don’t have the time (or inclination) to learn how to do it yourself


What’s different? Simple answer….. nothing! Here are just a few examples of how investing in your mental health can benefit you more than you could imagine.

  1. Anxiety: Find yourself feeling comfortable around anyone and WANTING to go to social events.

  2. Emotional eating: Feel your confidence grow as you change your body through letting go of turning to food in times of emotion.

  3. Depression: Wake up looking forward to what the day will bring, instead of wanting to go back to sleep

  4. PTSD: Disconnecting from your past allows you to look forwards with excitement into your future

Those are just a few ideas as to how investing into your mental health is a massively positive thing to do. There is nothing to feel bad or ashamed about as you deserve to feel your best and live your best life.

We can help you

Drop us a message by clicking here and we’ll get back to you letting you know how we can help you in only 2-3 sessions with hypnotherapy. If you want to hear me talk to you about it you can watch this quick little video I did on our facebook page. Why not give it a like whilst you’re there 🙂

I T ' S – O K Posted by Cambridge Hypnotherapy on Friday, July 10, 2020

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