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  • Luke Clough

Stoptober is nearly upon us!

So it’s coming up to that time of year again, Stoptober! A month where smokers decide to stop smoking for 28 consecutive days, with the aim of staying a non smoker at the end of the challenge!

Apparently the Stoptober national campaign claims that if you stop smoking for a period of 28 days then you are 5 times more likely to remain a non smoker than someone who decides to just quit. Personally I think we would all have to agree that if you stopped doing something, or for that matter even started doing something for 4 weeks then you would find it easier to maintain this new behaviour than if you stuck to it for just a few days. For example, someone that simply stopped going to the pub on their way home from work every day for a month would start to not even think about stopping off… their new routine would simply be get in the car, arrive home. I know that when I have wanted to start hitting the gym more regularly, once I have been training and stuck to my plan for a few weeks then this becomes my new habit/routine and I start to feel bad, disappointed, and even annoyed/angry if I have to miss a workout for whatever reason.

Because of these factors, I think Stoptober CAN be a good programme, but only if used in the right way. For those that want to see it as a way to make it easier to stay a non smoker then GREAT, do it and I wish you every bit of success with it. However, where it falls down in my eyes is for those that see it as a challenge knowing that in 28 days they will be able to start smoking again. I think we all know of someone who has fasted before or stuck to an 8 week bootcamp/diet routine, and they are counting down the days until they can eat a nice big bar of chocolate again. Those people are the ones that I feel will be taking the Stoptober challenge each year, whereas in theory you should only ever need to take this challenge ONCE in your life!

So, lets say no to Stoptober but yes to StopForever, seems like a much better plan of action to me 🙂

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Speak to you all soon!


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