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  • Luke Clough

Smoking Metaphor

about a chap who craved to own a particular house for years…. until finally he managed to own it … then over time of living in it he became ill and no-one could tell him what was wrong … until he went on holiday and suddenly his illness cleared up… returning home, he had his house checked and found that it was poisoning him… and despite how much he loved that house, longed for it, he knew his health to be more important and packed and moved out within a day …. because nothing was worth his health… not even that lovely house … If you’re a therapist feel free to borrow this If you’re a smoker What would it mean to you to be able to stop smoking in one session? and if you want to try this the next time you ‘feel like a cigarrette’ before you light up put all your attention into that feeling (it’s probably around your lips) and test how long you can keep that feeling there before it disappears…………then carry on with your day ~well done I hope you find this usefull enjoy every heart beat Paul

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