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  • Luke Clough

Hypnosis and NLP in business

It’ always seems strange to me that people think hypnosis and NLP are only for therapy. I guess it only seems strange having used both with myself to great effect in my business career and seen the tremendous changes in others when using hypnosis and NLP in a business coaching (mustn’t call it therapy) session. And the thing is, spending so much time at work these days with the added stress that that involves, when we are able to succeed and enjoy this time we go home and are in a great state to enjoy our social life, families, partners and may be more importantly Ourselves,

This then becomes a cycle of success having slept well and return to work feeling great and the cycle  continues to get better and better. Maybe it’s all about how we communicate. To ourselves that is (do ya think so? Hmmmm…) and although it’s very rough and ready. I have a link to a free audio clip on NLP, a brief introduction to NLP and how we communicate  the world outside to ourselves (the NLP communication Model). It’s taken from my rehearsal for the credit today show 2008 so please bare with me. I think it will give you an idea of all the stuff that goes on inside in a split second before we act. When we get that, we can control our states, our behaviours and so much more A Richard Bandler asked “are you driving your bus or the passenger?” 

Hope you enjoy


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