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Hypnobirthing in Cambridge site soon to go live…..

Hypnobirthing in Cambridge site is soon to go live!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be putting the finishing touches to our new website offering a fantastic service known as hypnobirthing, called Hypnobirthing in Cambridge.

Hypnobirthing in its main form is a way to help expectant mothers give birth to their child in a more comfortable way by teaching them breathing techniques etc. This can obviously have a very positive influence on people, however I had one particular concern with it, as i do with all coping strategies. The problem with them is that if you are learning a coping strategy, then surely that implies you still have a problem that you having to cope with?

Our system takes it a step further and more advanced than this. We allow you to change on an unconscious level so that instead of having to breath deeply etc to deal with the panic and anxiety, your mind automatically thinks completely different about the event. This means that instead of having to put effort in to deal with the fear, it simply doesn’t manifest in the first place.

We use advanced and refined techniques within NLP, deep levels of hypnosis as well as Time Line Therapy to allow you to make these changes in as short a time as possible. Our plan consists of only 3 sessions. These will deal with the following areas:

  1. Prenatal: Letting go of any of the anxiety about what lies ahead, feeling positive and being able to enjoy your pregnancy

  2. The birth: Allowing you to experience a comfortable pain free birthing experience in as short a time as possible

  3. Postnatal: Enjoying your new arrival, letting go of the anxiety about whether they and you are doing everything ok, and allowing your body to heal quickly.

If you would like to find out more prior to our launch, you can contact us by clicking here, or calling us on 01223 720 120. We offer all of our clients a complimentary initial consultation where you can meet us and be sure that this is the best thing you could do for yourselves.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll speak with you soon!


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