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How to ignore an answer that you know isn’t true

“Is everything ok?”

We’ve all asked the question above many times, especially when we get the feeling that the person we’re asking is going through a tricky or difficult time. I bet if you could go back and re-watch every time you’ve asked it, the answer you probably got is “Yeah I’m ok”. The topic was then dismissed, and no doubt you carried on talking about the usual day to day topics and everyone went on their way.

I wonder what would happen if we had all responded to their answer differently? Instead of saying “That’s good”, we replied with “I know you’re not and you don’t need to tell me now but when you’re ready let me know” and then carried on with your conversation, I wonder what would have happened? I think you’d have given that person an ‘in’ and that they would know they could come to you when they were ready. They wouldn’t have missed that brief window of opportunity to actually discuss their problems with you. Here’s a brief video I did a while ago after listening to 2 people talk at a wedding I was at.

Q U I C K – T H O U G H T Posted by Cambridge Hypnotherapy on Thursday, December 12, 2019

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