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How lists can save your day

The effectiveness of writing a list:

In these trying times, it seems like a lot of people are finding themselves lose their way in terms of trying to find a daily routine. Personally, I think that it is important to cut yourself some slack right now. There was always a large amount of people we worked with who wanted to change an aspect of their lives, yet they would have one common obstacle….. they perceived they had no time. They had no time to exercise, no time to look for that new job, no time to write a business plan, no time to realign their priorities. Well, this great  for all of them as right now we seem to have all the time in the world.

One thing that I see many people do is try and structure out their whole day. Now I know this works for a lot of people, but personally I think that as soon as you miss a time slot due to children being at home and needing your attention for example, anxiety kicks in and you start trying to play catch up! Sure, when you’re at work and you don’t have any distractions this works fantastically well, but these times call for different measures.

So what can we change?

So what can we do instead? Well, what I’ve found works for me is that every night before I go to bed I write a lot of tasks I need to complete the very next day. No time slots, no deadlines, just simply done by the end of the day. One thing that is important when doing this is to prioritise it too. I don’t want to get to the end of my working day and realise there is one thing on my list, which is super important and needs doing immediately! So my daily routine simply looks like this:

  1. Write a list of jobs to do the next day before going to bed.

  2. Realign that list in terms of priority

  3. Wake up and tick jobs off as I go through the day,

Pretty simple, huh? Try it. You may find it helps you relax and become much more efficient in getting jobs done! Here’s a quick video I posted recently on our facebook page explaining it in a bit more detail.

The importance off making a list M A K I N G -L I S T SI truly believe that right now, in these times, making a list can be the difference between a productive day, and a guilt ridden day of half completed jobs at best…. check out my thoughts here! Posted by Cambridge Hypnotherapy on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

If you have any questions, please don’t just sit there. Drop me an email here and I’ll be more than happy to help you.

Stay safe!


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