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  • Luke Clough

Health Anxiety and Coronavirus (Covid-19)

In these trying times, we here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy have noticed 2 things happening with regards to health anxiety:

  1. A few clients wishing to postpone their sessions due to the worries about the Coronavirus.

  2. An increase in enquiries from those with an increased level of anxiety about catching Coronavirus.

The one thing they have in common? Both categories of people have an overwhelming fear and anxiety about getting ill, and this is affecting how they live their lives. We have all seen the stories about how people are going into self-isolation, how people are panic buying and stock piling groceries, how people are refusing to attend certain events etc due to the risk of getting ill.

Over the years we have worked with many clients suffering spefically with health anxiety, and have fantastic success in helping people overcome it. There are things that we need to worry about and deal with, for example finding a physical lump and then there are things that we can often overthink , for example a headache. Yes, it could be a sign of a tumour, brain issue etc however it could also be a simple headache due to dehydration.

Our job as hypnotherapists is to help your unconscious mind start to rationalise what is going on around you and prevent any over reactions. By changing how your brain processes information we can start to create new behaviours so that you can enjoy every aspect of your life.

If your worrying about the Coronavirus is affecting your physical health, or even worrying about how it will affect your life in other many areas then don’t hesitate in contacting us here now. We offer all of our clients a complimentary consultation and the majority of our clients achieve their results in only 2-3 sessions.

Speak soon,


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