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  • Luke Clough

Drug Addiction Case Study

Recently I started working with a client who came to see me as they felt their life was being controlled and ruined by drugs... cocaine and alcohol to be exact.

Over the past 12 months they had been taking cocaine every single day withoutt fail, and had been spending roughly £500 - £600 per week on it. This works out at £2000 - £2400 per month, however he had only ever thought about how much he had been spending daily or weekly. His face soon dropped when he heard the monthly figure, and even more so when he realised that in the last 12 months it had been in excess of £24,000!!!!!

Getting quickly into our first session meant we could start to elicit the exact reason he was finding himself taking drugs. We focus heavily at the start on one of the presuppositions within NLP which is that "all behaviour has a positive intention". As soon as we elicit what that intention is, for example stress relief, or to feel better, we can then prove conflict and that the reality is the exact opposite occurs.

After one session, his resuts were astonishing for him. There had been the occasional thought process of going to buy some, but that was more to do with the fact it had been a go to habit every day at the same time for so many years! He had though managed to brush that thought away and go 7 days without taking anything! He was amazed.... completely surprised it could be that easy, but amazed!!!

We carried on working together for 3 sessions, and within that time period he had continued to remain free of drugs! Just think, £500-£600 a week, to £0..... What a saving he was starting to make. Not only was he saving money, but he was more present at hme, spending more quality time with his family, and working to the point where a promotion was soon to be offered!

This could be you! Whatever you want to change in your life, nothing is out of your reach. That, I promise you!

All you need to do is email us, book an initial consultation and we can get you started on the way to your dream life asap!!!

What are you waiting for?


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