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  • Luke Clough

Choose your hard!

The one thing that people report when they enquire into becoming one of our clients, is how hard they have found it when trying to change on their own. They have tried the will power route and found the battle too much for them, and resorted back to their problem behaviour. They're right, changing is hard (when done on your own with pure conscious effort), however is it as hard as things are right now?

  1. Weight Loss - Sure dieting and trying to resist your favourite foods can be a battle, and going out and exercising when its cold and raining is hard.... but so is being over weight. Remember the struggle to perform day to day tasks? Losing your breath whilst walking up and down stairs? Feeling crappy about yourself when you realise your clothes are too tight or you look in the mirror? That's hard too, right?

  2. Alcoholism - Choosing a soft drink over a beer can be a struggle at times, and sitting down after a crazy stressful day and NOT choosing alcohol can take effort and be hard... but so is waking up groggy after a terrible nights sleep. That feeling of tiredness, regret, guilt, realising your ruining relationships and hurting yourself and those around you, thats hard too, right?

  3. Chasing your dream job - Does the idea of quitting your comfortable job seem hard? Does the idea that you won't get that guaranteed pay slip at the end of each month, and the security that brings you make you scared? The idea of quitting to chase your dreams is hard....... but so waking up in the morning with the dread of going to the office again, knowing that you're in a job you dislike. Seeing your friends all happy and content in their jobs, looking back wishing you'd changed your path years ago, and now it may seem too late, thats hard too right?


There's obviously countless other examples of how change can be a hard process to get your head around, whereas the reality is that the current situation is just as, and more often than not, even harder to live with. So the question you have to ask yourself is which is harder. The easy way to do that is to look at the benefits. Take weight loss for example, being overweight is hard yet so is the idea of dieting and exercising. Which one though will also bring the biggest benefits, as you HAVE to choose one of them? Will that brief moment of enjoyment whilst eating, or the comfort of sitting on your sofa benefit and improve your life more than feeling fit and healthy, watching your confidence grow and potentially living a longer and more active life? It's a no brainier to me.

The difficulty is that when you do this on your own, you are battling. You are battling your own unconscious mind. Our job is to realign these two parts so that they work together to achieve your goal. That way you can enjoy the benefits of chaining your life around, without the struggle and fight.

How do we do this? Well, why not drop us a message above or even book your FREE initial consultation online. That way we can talk you through our approach, and show you how we can help you achieve your results in only 2-3 sessions.

I can't wait to hear from you!


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