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Changing your life with Cambridge Hypnotherapy

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. ~Victor Frankl

Someone I know spent some time in Japan and on one occasion was talking to a friend of his who explained some excellent ‘common sense’ wisdom.

Basically, it makes sense to put your own happiness, your own health, your own well being first, because then you’re in a better position to help the other people in your life that you love.

Often a client will say something like, ”I know this sounds a little big headed but I think I’m generally a good person/good at this or that.”  and the thing is there is nothing ‘Big headed’ about accepting and acknowledging each and every positive aspect of yourself. We could all benefit from spending more time building ourselves up rather than than knocking ourselves down.

A client once asked, ‘What kind of people does this work best for?’ The reply, ‘The kind of people who are ready to change and to be prepare to do anything to achieve the change they want, in effect to be totally honest with themselves.’

Being prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve the change and to be totally honest with ourselves can be a little tough at first but with our help the results are fantastic.

When we find our feet’, find out what we truly want, we can start making plans, changes and living in a way that feels right for us. Only when we’re completely honest with ourselves can we find out what we truly want, what we will truly enjoy.

If you’re ready do whatever it takes, to be totally honest with yourself and know that now is the time to make those positive changes in your life then now is the time to:

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