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Boost your incentive

is it worth it?

For many people who enquire with us here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy, the desire to change is sometimes just not quite big enough… yet! The first step we can help people take is to go from thinking it would be nice to be different, to thinking it is essential to be different. This is the moment where we believe any change is possible!

That is where an initial consultation comes into play. We can not only talk about what hypnotherapy involves and make sure that potential clients get their questions answered, but we can also start to look at their ‘why/incentive’. If we feel it is not compelling enough then we can help them by getting them to complete a fantastic mind map we have called “What Will It Mean”. After that we have an audio track to listen to. I’ve done a brief talk on our facebook video last week about this, which you can see below.

I N T E N T I O N S Posted by Cambridge Hypnotherapy on Monday, May 11, 2020

We have a moral view that we will only work with clients that we believe we can get results with. If we feel you are not ready then we will give you some work to do before booking a session. Then, if this work is not completed then that reinforces our opinion that we would not have been a good fit for that client and that we made the right decision in not booking sessions up. if, on the other hand, they call us within days saying they have done it then let’s go!

If you would like to find out more about whether we can boost your incentive, contact us by clicking here. We will then call you to book your complimentary 20 minute initial consultation and get you started.

Stay safe, and we shall speak soon.


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