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  • Luke Clough

Be Selfish

Why it’s ok to put yourself above others

So many times we hear people being moaned at and criticised for putting themselves first, and not thinking about others. Sure, there are times where this may be true but nowhere near enough to warrant the accusation. I’m all for helping others where we can, but there comes a point where you have to say NO!

You want me to sacrifice doing something that will make me happy and bring enjoyment to my life, just so I can do something that suits you? Sorry, not always going to happen! Yes I will put myself first at times, and there will be times where that will simply piss others off, but that’s now their issue to get past.

Now obviously there is a limit to this. I don’t think we should be saying “to hell with everyone else, I’m looking after No 1”. To blatantly ignore someone that genuinely needs help because we’d rather watch our favourite tv programme is not right. There are certainly times where it is right to help others and we can get back to doing our thing later on. However I believe that we need time to ourselves to the the best version we can be. This then allows us to help others more in the long run as well so its a win-win. So wether its going to watch a game of football, a night out with friends, hitting the gym or simply enjoying a hobby, take time for yourself and give yourself permission to do it. Afterwards you’ll find yourself in a much more stable and happy mental place, which allows you to be more productive for others as a result.

So many people enquire saying that they need to change their perspective as they are always saying yes to others. Others want to watch a different film so they say ok, someone wants to go to a different shop so they say ok, someone wants to eat somewhere else so they say ok. We help them regain that voice and start to be more assertive in their opinions.

As I often do, here’s a quick video I did on our facebook page with a few outlined thoughts.

SA Y I N G – N OIt's ok to say no! We get a lot of people saying that they find themselves always saying yes to others and unsure what to do about it….. here's my thoughts…#Hypnosis #Hypnotherapy #CambridgeHypnotherapy Posted by Cambridge Hypnotherapy on Monday, May 18, 2020

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